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Post Procedure Care

We offer follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.

Why do I need a denture maintenance/relines?

The shape of our gums shrinks and changes regularly, you will need regular maintenance/relines to ensure that they continue to fit correctly in your mouth.

If you have limited suction on your dentures, or find that food is getting stuck  under your dentures, it is likely that you need a reline to improve retention and/or stability. 

How long it takes for reline my dentures?

At Master Dental and Denture Centre, we offer same-day denture relines for appointments booked before midday. In some cases, we prefer to take an extra care step called Tissue Conditioning before a normal relining can be done. The prosthetist will check and advise you if you need one.

How much does denture relines/maintenance cost?
  • It depends on the material of your current dentures: Flexible dentures or Acrylic dentures
  • It depends on the type of your current dentures: Full dentures or Partial Dentures
  • Your Private Health Funds Insurance

We are a Selected Medibank member choice's provider in Hervey Bay for all denture work. We do apply a Medibank Price List for Medibank Health fund members. It slightly different with our price list.

  • We will advise you of the cost up front for you to consider and compare our services with others
Why should you choose us to do maintenance/relines of your dentures?

More than 25 years experience in the dental industry

Same-day denture relines for most cases as we have a fully equipped laboratory in the premises

Premium acrylic is used for all our denture works

Free of charge of adjustments after insertion

A selected Medibank provider for prosthetic in Hervey Bay

Direct Private Health Fund claims on the post

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