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Post Procedure Care

We offer follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.

Teeth Whitening

All natural teeth can be made whiter to varying degrees using the latest tooth whitening treatments available at Master Dental & Denture Centre.

There are a number of treatment options to help you achieve whiter teeth. The treatments are all available after a consultation to ensure a good dental health foundation for your new smile. If your consultation is successful, we can then go ahead and arrange a follow up whitening appointment for you.

Professional tooth whitening treatments safely and effectively remove staining and discolouration inside the teeth which cannot normally be achieved through brushing alone. So whether you have naturally yellow teeth or your teeth are stained because of a congenital condition or following a reaction to medicines in earlier life, these treatments can give you the whiter smile you’ve always wanted in as little as 7 days from commencement of your whitening treatment.


The take home whitening treatment involves 2 visits, one to take impressions to construct customised tooth whitening trays to fit around your teeth and second to fit the tray.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (about teeth whitening)

What is tooth whitening?
Tooth Whitening is a simple and highly effective method of lightening the colour of teeth without removing any natural tooth material.

What causes tooth discolouration?
There is a great variation in the shade and colour of natural teeth, but all teeth tend to discolour as we get older. Plaque build-up, on and around the teeth, if left unchecked, can result in tartar formation, making the teeth look yellow and “dirty”. In addition, surface staining can occur due to coffee, tea, red wine or tobacco.

How does home Tooth Whitening work?
A tooth whitening gel is placed in a thin cover that is custom made to fit over the teeth like a very thin gum shield. The tray containing the gel is worn for a mimium of 2-3 hours once a day for 7-12 days.

How long does it last?
Treatment results may vary: the effects may last from 1-3 years. Some patients may need to repeat the procedure periodically to top up the effect.

When whitening might not work?
Whitening cannot change the colour of natural teeth it can only lighten the existing shade. Whitening only works on natural teeth: it will not affect the colour of existing porcelain crown, veneers, bridges or denture teeth. It will not change the colour or shade of existing tooth coloured fillings: these may need to be replaced to ensure good shade matching.

Is tooth whitening safe?
Yes, it is very safe. Under the supervision of a qualified dentist the bleaching is safe for both gums and teeth. Should you opt for a customize take-home kit, be sure to listen as your dentist describes the exact usage instructions.

How white exactly will my teeth become?
Everybody’s teeth are different. If you have very heavy staining from smoking or coffee, most likely you will see a dramatic change. If your teeth are not extremely stained to begin with, the change will be noticeable but not as dramatic.

How exactly does the whitening work?
The bleaching material, hydrogen peroxide, gets broken down while on the teeth. This allows oxygen to enter the dentin and enamel, causing the existing stains to lighten.