""More than 20 years into my profession, seeing someone smiling happily without covering their mouths is still my main motivation to love what I do"
- Alberto Carvalho, Dental Prosthetist, founder and owner, Master Dental & Denture Centre"

General Dentistry Melbourne

Making quality-crafted dentures & implant-supported dentures in Hervey Bay

Gentle & safe

Master Dental & Denture Centre provides sterilization tracking systems, medical management software

Affordable with dental payment plans

Dental payment plans are a convenient and affordable way to have your dental treatment done without the burden of a lump sum. Now you can pay off the cost of your treatment at 0% interest up to 24 months

  • Full time/ Part time/ Casual employed
  • Age Pensioner
  • DVA

Post-Procedure Care

We offer follow up for every case and treatment free of charge.

Time is value

No waiting list.

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