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Are some of your teeth missing? That could affect both your confidence and ability to eat properly. Master Dental & Denture Centre offers high-quality dentures to clients from Hervey Bay and surrounding areas.

Dentures are ideal for replacing any missing teeth you have. Their main advantage is that they are removable, which means you can use and remove them as you see fit.

What Denture Services Do You Offer?

What Denture Services Do You Offer?

At Master Dental & Denture Centre, we offer the following services:

If you desire more information about specific dentures, do not hesitate to get in touch with our offices. We are happy to give you information over the phone or schedule an in-person consultation.

Showing Denture To A Patient — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD
Denture Making — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD

Same-Day Dental Repairs

If you want your dentures to last for a long time, regular maintenance is essential. Your mouth contour can change over time, which is why denture maintenance and adjusting is recommended every two years.

We have a modern and professional dental lab in our centre. Thanks to that, we offer same-day denture repairs. There is no need to schedule an appointment. Come to our dental office and we will do the repair right away!

How Long Should I Wait for a New Denture?

How Long Should I Wait for a New Denture?

Here is the process of designing new dentures:

All these steps usually take between four and six appointments

Denture Molding — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD

High-Quality Dentures Australia-Made Dentures

Our lab has state-of-the-art equipment and skilled professionals capable of using it to its full potential. We craft our dentures in-house and offer a 12-month warranty on all of them.

Thanks to our in-house crafting system, you can get an immediate denture. These are dentures that dentists insert right after they extract your tooth. That is important because it keeps you from walking around with teeth missing. We don’t charge for adjustments required six months within inserting immediate dentures. If you are thinking about getting dentures, don’t hesitate to give us a call to schedule an appointment!

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-Supported Dentures

An implant supported denture is a type of overdenture available at Master Dental & Denture Clinic. They’re supported by dental implants, rather than the gums alone. This dental implant treatment is suitable for those who have lost all of their teeth in a dental arch but have enough jawbone material to support the implants.

Implant supported dentures are great for those who cannot tolerate the feeling of completely covering the palate (roof of the mouth), which is often associated with traditional dentures. Implant support dentures are modern dentures designed to meet the needs of today’s patients. You deserve to feel good about your smile!

The benefits of implant supported dentures over conventional dentures include:
Denture Molding — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD
Denture Making — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD

Complete Suction Dentures

With suction effective dentures, you can have the advantage of a removeable denture with much greater retention and stability. Suction dentures are made using a special impression technique that significantly increases the retention of a denture until it sucks onto the gum with atmospheric pressure. A well-made suction denture requires manual power to break the seal when attempting to remove the denture from the mouth.
Denture Making — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD

Cosmetic Partial Dentures

Cosmetic Partial Dentures don’t have wires or clips to hold them in place. As with full cosmetic dentures, gum enhancements, colour matching and tooth shaping can elevate a partial denture into the realm of the cosmetic denture. The level of detail we provide to each tooth means that it is unique in shape and colour. Such detailed construction also makes for a seamless result when constructing a partial denture. We are able to match and blend your denture teeth with your existing natural teeth so no one will pick the difference.
Standard Denture — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD

Standard Partial Dentures

If you have some remaining natural teeth but wish to fill the gaps left after a loss of teeth, then partial dentures are an effective and natural looking alternative. A partial denture is a custom-made, removable prosthetic device, held securely in your mouth by clasping to existing teeth.

The partial denture design depends on your remaining tooth configuration, but most are made of gum coloured acrylic or metal with artificial or metal with artificial teeth attached. Either an upper partial denture or partial lower denture can be made for you depending on your needs.

The benefit of partial dentures is the way they restore your smile by filling unsightly gaps with replaceable, natural look teeth. Partial dentures afford stability, stemming bone loss and preserving facial structure integrity which may be compromised when gaps are not filled after teeth are removed or lost.

Same-day Denture Repairs & Maintenance

Same-day Denture Repairs & Maintenance

Our team offers emergency denture repairs because we understand it can be extremely important to have them fixed as soon as possible. To help you get back to living comfortably, we assess your needs and start on repairs immediately. Master Dental & Denture Centre strongly advises against attempting to repair your own dentures at home.
Our same-day denture service includes repairs or additions for the following denture issues:
The repair process will be dependent on each person’s unique requirements and initial assessment. Typically, an emergency repair service will involve taking an impression or mould of your damaged denture or adding prosthetic teeth. The final stage will involve curing the denture and polish. Get in touch to find out more.
Denture Molding — Master Dental & Denture Centre in Hervey Bay, QLD